Do you ride?

Do you ride?

Welcome to my first blog, I have wanted to write a blog post for a little while but never quiet found the topic I wanted to speak about until now. So here goes!!

I am a huge supporter of the mental health movement we have seen over the past 5 years, it is incredibly refreshing to know that you aren't alone ever, and that a bad day can become good by just a simple conversation or ride....

I often get asked, do you ride? and the answer is always the same "you bet I do!" Its my favourite thing to do, but I sometimes question if that is what they are asking or what they are really asking is Can you ride? And yes I can!

The reason I ride now is because quiet simply I love it and there's no more expectation's on me, now I can just ride, how great is that, I don't have to be a hero on a project horse or be a test jockey!  But more than that I ride now because my mind and body need it, I find myself if the weeks have become busy and stressful that riding is my sanctuary it keeps me calm. So when I am asked, do you ride? I do ride, but I don't ride for you, I ride for me.

I am lucky enough to have had my horse for all of my adult life, having bought him as a youngster to produce I just never sat on anything like him, he can turn my day around in one schooling session, he can lift my spirits in one long hack, and I am finding more than ever that I am incredibly lucky to have that, and we have had a great life together.

However the equestrian world is a very competitive one not just at competitions but in daily life, and without the bond between you and your horse then you will always fall short, the time spent building a partnership on and off the saddle is the key most important thing you can do and if you can build that then your confidence will sore and suddenly it stops mattering whose watching or what the expectations are because you know that as a team you will always do your best and you will feel if they are having an off day or something isn't quiet right and in return you will tune into what they need from you to perform at their best, and when I say perform that doesnt mean the Grand Prix that could just be a simple win that means the world to you. 

So if your confidence has taken a hit then build back up slowly, take your time, stay on your path and don't worry about what is happening around you, its your journey and no one else's and the more fun you have along the way the better than journey will be!

With the powers of social media now we are always looking for the next bit of "content" and its tough!  Along with mental health a subject that is finally okay to talk about, it is invaluable what these beautiful animals give us in return for a clearer mind, most of my planning and designing is done in two places, either a long hot shower or a ride out, if I can't quite decide what my gut is telling me to do by the time I am back from my ride I know. 

So when you get to your horse today ride because you want to, ride because there's is no greater feeling than being on that horse, ride because the world has been a little unkind and you know that its the only way to fix it. 

and when someone asks Do you ride? You answer I do, but I ride for me not for you <3 




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