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About us

Hi!  my name is Sophie and I am the founder of Halt Equestrian. Following a long career in sales and marketing I was made redundant during the Covid19 pandemic, with two young children and horses to look after there was no time to be sad. So I took it as a golden opportunity to do something I have always wanted to do and that was to not only be my own boss but also create my own equestrian clothing range. 

So I spend many, many nights designing, thinking and hoping that I can design and articulate it well enough for people to understand my vision!

For Halt I wanted to create a clothing range that I could wear all day, from the nursery drop offs, to riding, working and everything in between!

As Halt Equestrian continues to grown, we adapt and bring in new ranges, colours, styles and listen to your feedback and what you want to see next, it’s an exciting journey and one I’m very proud to be on.  

I feel incredibly lucky that I work with as many UK suppliers as I can, and have built great relationships with my overseas suppliers.

Moving into 2022 we have so many new ranges on the way along with showcasing at larger trade shows across the UK, this year looks to be very exciting.   

And why the name Halt? Halt is derived from my children’s names Halle and Troy.

We’re incredibly grateful for all the support so far and look forward to sharing more of our designs with you.

Hopefully I will meet some of my lovely customers at events this year! x

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Meet the Team

Sophie the owner, founder and the one that makes the most mess in the shop. Always happy to help but doesnt function well without regular coffee!! Has a collection of older horse and loves doing fun things!

Pet hate... RATS

Little Heather

The lady who can transform a space in a matter of moments! Heather has been with us since spring and we have done all the trade shows together, shes fun, friendly and theres not much she doesn't know about clothing!

Why little heather? Well our yard own is Big heather as shes just a little taller!


Ryan - sophie's husband who is a superb handyman, and an even better numbers man! He makes sure the spreadsheets are happy. Hes also secretly loves to model the clothing!!


Oriel is our latest recruit! She works alongside Sophie on a Saturday in the shop and at the big Trade shows. Fun fact she’s an excellent baker and makes a mean Lemon drizzle cake!

Steph Gunn

Steph is an international show jumper and vet physio, she’s also Halt Equestrians main sponsored ride so you will see her in nearly all of the photos! Fun fact she has a large collection of fluffy Pomeranians ... last count 5!!

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