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How to become a brand ambassador for a clothing brand

Hello and welcome to my third blog!

This one is about the journey to becoming a brand ambassador and what to do to set you apart from your competition. Having a clothing brand I get between 5/10 message a day asking if I am looking for BA's for the brand and could they be one, the short answer is yes I am always looking and more so this year than last, as the business grows I want to utilise more and more micro influencers, but how do I choose who to work with? 

This I am picky with for many reasons, when you partner with someone it has to be for all the right reasons, it can't just be because you want something for free and this works both ways, as you know I am very passionate about Halt, perhaps obsessed would be a better phase so I want my BA's and sponsored riders to have a genuine interest in the brand, know our journey and want to wear the clothing. many of my BA's are already customers who have paid full price, invested in the brand and had no expectation of being a BA they just wanted to wear Halt! There was a genuine  passion for the quality and would post about it on social media or would be seen it in constantly, it was there go-to clothing when they look in the wardrobe, that natural reaction of wanting to wear something you love , that is what I want from a BA. I want to see an level of excitement for the latest collection, I want to hear the feedback of improvements that could be made or Ideas of what we could bring in next, whether it be new colours, different designs no matter how small this is really important to me. You see for me being a BA means adding you to my team.

The social media side is also important to me, if you're representing the brand there has to be a level of responsibility around your horses and the content you are putting out has to be respectful of others and shows your passion for horses. We are passionate about being kind here and making others feel empowered and we want everyone to wear Halt and everyone to join our family! 

There is a common theme in all of my riders and BA's, each and every one deserves to be sponsored, they have worked incredibly hard to get to where they are and I love following their Journey.

I have usually followed the rider or a groom for a little while to get the feel of there social media accounts and what their message and how they engage with their followers. Some have a huge following and others a lot smaller but have a great reputation and career and the horse world is small so that can be just as impressive as 100k followers. 

What are my ICKS? 

My top turnoff is following me on social media, and immediately messaging me to ask to be a BA or ask for their child to have free clothing in return for a post. The best thing you can do is follow, engage and buy the clothing, make sure you like it and its something you would wear, make sure its the right partnership for you as well. 

My second biggest turnoff, is being false so going above and beyond to follow, like, comment for a week or two then unfollowing when you haven't been approved. Because expanding a team takes time and building that relationship with the brand is super important. 

So I hope this helps you get that BA role and gives you some ideas on how you can improve your approach, and build your following to make it as engaging as possible. Be consistent, if you have a genuine affection for the brand then it will be noticed and when an opportunity comes available you will be the first on the list! 

Have a great day... Soph x 


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